Printing Pages

Some of the pages at this web site must be printed in landscape orientation in order to have the full width of the page printed. If you print in portrait orientation, some of the text on the right side of the page will not be included in your print out. If you are not sure how to set your print out to landscape orientation, follow the instructions below (computers running Windows and using Internet Explorer as the web browser).

  1. Select Print in the File menu of Internet Explorer

  2. The Print dialog box will appear. It should look similar to the illustration below.

  3. Click the Preferences button in the Print dialog box. The Print Preferences dialog box will appear. The appearance of this dialog box is different for different printers. An example illustration is given below.

    4. Find the place in the Printing Preferences dialog box where you can set the Orientation. Select Landscape for the Orientation. Then click the OK button. Then you can click the Print button in the Print dialog box.